Opening Hours
Monday - Sunday 8:30 - 21:00


Bounce in Birmingham is a brand new purpose built Trampoline Park

Not only do we cater for children we also cater for adults too.

Our venue is full of interconnected trampolines, angled walls, roll-over platforms, slam dunk basketball nets, grab bags, party rooms and even Bounce Café serving hot and cold refreshments.

Not to mention the venue is fitted out with colour changing led neon lights!

Bounce in Birmingham is a brand new purpose built Trampoline Park

With the exhilarating experience and freedom from trampolining, you are actually getting your body in better shape. With every jump you are burning calories! With all the health benefits associated with trampolining, Bounce in Birmingham is here to help you active, athletic and fit!


Getting to the gym can be a challenge, but Bounce fitness makes exercise a joy! Bouncing uses almost every muscle and focuses specifically on the stomach, arms and legs. Start toning your muscles, burning fat and increasing your metabolism by having fun!

Regular bouncing helps tone the body, especially the stomach, back, and legs. Core stability muscles are consistently engaged to help enhance balance. This type of training helps boost your metabolic rate and the ability to burn fat and calories.

HOW DOES Bounce in Birmingham KEEP ME HEALTHY


Jumping against gravity strengthens all body systems and is considered one of the most beneficial aerobic exercises. Cardiovascular activity increases heart rate and pulse rate. In other words, jumping works the heart muscle! Jumping also strengthens major muscle groups that contribute to a healthy cardiovascular system.

As you come down on the trampoline, you put greater gravitational pull (G force) on your muscles. Heart muscle fibers get stronger as a result. That means all of your muscles and muscle layers will grow stronger, too. With each bounce, sixty trillion cells in your body are continuously being strengthened.

Because your heart is being strengthened, your blood circulation improves. Good circulation ensures that oxygen is pumped through your body more efficiently.

Low Impact WORKOUT FOR Bones and Joints

Jumping at Bounce in Birmingham is a low-impact workout. This means the equipment (the spring) absorbs about 80% of the shock from the rebound. This absorption reduces the stress on bones and joints (like the knees and spine) and minimizes the chance of injury. Repeated low-impact exercise builds and strengthens the bones and muscles. Over time, this can result in improved balance, co-ordination and posture. Jumping can even increase the strength in your joints, which can decrease or prevent arthritis pain. Muscles are also strengthened and lengthened, which increases flexibility.

Jumping on a trampoline can increase bone density as well. According to research by NASA, bouncing can help reduce the risk of bone conditions such as fractures and osteoporosis. The light impact when landing on the trampoline helps strengthen bones and improve bone density. NASA found that bouncing was able to help rebuild astronauts' bone mass after returning from space, where they lose almost 15% muscle and bone mass.


Bouncing forces you to become more aware of your center of gravity. This constant strengthening of balance is perfect for cross-training athletes. The need to coordinate your arms and legs can lead to increased hand-eye coordination as well.

Trampoline exercise is a great way to develop the skills that allow you to undertake a number of items requiring simultaneous concentration: bouncing, balancing, maintaining the body's position and anticipating the next action. This is proven to have a positive impact on bilateral motor skills, as well as allowing jumpers to control different muscles and limbs at one time.


We all know that excess weight can bring on an increased risk of heart disease, bone and joint problems, sleep apnea, and juvenile diabetes. But what about social and psychological problems, such as poor self-esteem and depression?

Bouncing can also refresh the mind. When endorphins are stimulated, our bodies release a mood-enhancing chemical that produces a feeling of well-being in the body. Active exercise helps overcome negativity and depression, and can lead to a happier, more positive you. Jumping reduces stress levels and can even help control addictions. After all, it's hard to feel stressed when you’re bouncing!


Tests have linked bouncing with positive benefits for children with autism. The sheer fun and sense of well-being encourages vestibular system input, which controls movement and balance as well as awareness of body positioning. Bouncing also assists with motion feedback: how the body responds to movement through space and perception.

Jumping and balancing on a trampoline can help physical sensory integration with the body’s different systems. Getting family and friends involved provides a social benefit as well.


“If the lymphatic system is circulating properly, it is practically impossible to get sick,” says Dr. Samuel West. A noted lecturer and author, West has stated that bouncing is the best way to circulate the lymphatics.

The lymphatic system provides nutrients to cells and rids the body of waste. The lymphatic system is essentially the detoxification system of the body. The lymph’s main job is to carry away substances that cannot be removed by absorption directly into the blood.

When blood circulation is increased, the body releases energy and pumps more oxygen into the brain and other tissues. But unlike the circulatory system, the lymph system does not have a “heart” to pump itself around the body. It relies on gravity and body movement. So, bouncing on a trampoline stimulates the lymphatic system, which helps rid the body of toxins, trapped protein, bacteria, viruses, and other waste the cells cast off.

The G-Force at the top of the bounce is zero and the body becomes weightless for a fraction of a second. At the bottom of the bounce, the G-Force suddenly doubles over what is ordinary gravity on earth, and internal organs are put under pressure. Their cellular stimulation is increased accordingly so that waste materials within cells get squeezed out. The lymph carries the waste away to be disposed. The vertical use of acceleration, deceleration, and gravity provide ideal conditions for cleansing cells.

"Trampoline exercise is also good for your immune system, which helps keep your body's natural defenses high and reduces the chance of getting sick," says Dr. Morton Walker, in a published list of trampoline health benefits.


• Lowers elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels
• Tones up your glandular system, especially your thyroid glands
• Increases activity of your red bone marrow in producing red blood cells
• Improves your digestion
• Promotes better sleep